Monday, November 2, 2009

Gay's Rights

From title to content, this post is stretching it.

Trade Deadline Target?

That said, Monday's deadline for contract extensions has come and gone with Rudy Gay and the Memphis Grizzlies unable to "pull a Rondo." As per an inside source (Adrian Wojnarowski at, Rudy is looking for something in the neighborhood of $12 million per, while the Grizzlies (they of frequent good personnel decisions), won't budge from $10 million.

How does this apply to a Cavaliers blog? Well (optimist that I am), I'm making the executive decision to add Rudy Gay to my semi-official, Oh my gosh, could he possibly be available at the trade deadline? list. My OMGCHPBAATTD list only includes names who I think could be beneficial to the long term health of the franchise. It thus far includes:

Chris Bosh
Josh Smith
Rudy Gay

Probably a pipe dream, but less so then the list's other two members. Next summer, somebody will offer Rudy Gay more then the Grizzlies are willing to pay him. Perhaps they'd be inclined to deal him prior.

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