Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brian Windhorst's post game notes

I'm literally re-posting Brian Windhorst here, but he covered a few things in his blog that I didn't touch upon, and I thought they were worth reading.

ALMOST all roses in Cleveland

Some really interesting subtext (both positive and negative) to last nights game:

  • "Standing at his locker getting ready to get into the shower, LeBron James was chatting with teammates and shaking his head and giving knowing glances. Regardless of what anyone writes, says or speculates, LeBron completely wants it to work with Shaq and is fully committed to it. He has spent time with him talking about it and the two have their own plan. It was LeBron who told management he wanted Shaq and to pull the trigger on the trade. It was LeBron who was convinced it could work. Maybe it won't work. Maybe this game, where Shaq took a stuggling team down 18 points and anchored the turnaround with his style, will be a rarity. There's reason to believe the plan won't come off. But games like this one, against a team headed for the playoffs, show why the Cavs tried it. And why LeBron is trying hard to make it work." -BW
  • "There was another matter that was happening below the surface, though. In the third quarter, Delonte West became angry about a non-call and spent the next several possessions arguing with the officials. Then he committed a hard foul on Mike Miller and glared at the official. Mike Brown instantly took him out of the game and never brought him back, though it made it easier because Daniel Gibson was playing well. In the first game, Delonte was hit with a technical foul. On top of his bipolar disorder, West has anger management issues. He's had trouble with officials in the past. Two games in, he is obviously teetering. Was a tough day for him no doubt, he was hit with six gun charges by a prosecutor in Maryland who is famously tough on gun charges and, based on the press release he issued today, intends to make this a public case. But the anger issues with West are real and another thing for the Cavs to manage. He's a valuable player but he's got a full plate and today and tonight were just another reminder of it. And another reminder of why it is perhaps not prudent to count on him being there." -BW

Don't know what to say other then I hope Delonte's around for the long haul. It's now come out that both D-West and the team dealt with elements of this last year...I hope they're able to again.

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