Monday, November 16, 2009

Game 10 Review (7-3)

Editor's Note (11/18/09): In remembrance of the fallen games played while your reviewer was sans League Pass (vs. Utah, vs. Golden State), the following semi-formed "game review" will be left as it was initially published...bare, in it's original, unfinished state. Naked, for the world to see. Related tidbit: I'm extraordinarily lazy.


On Saturday, November 14th, the landscape of The Cavalier Thoughts of an Over-reactive Realist was changed forever. For on this day (a day which will live in infamy) my NBA league pass free preview-sample abrutply ended. The resulting withdrawal prevented me from posting my game thoughts right away, and has led to the following Utah Jazz game/first 10 games of the season review.

What I Like

The Utah Game (Cavs win 107-103) was the Chicago Bulls game of last week, and LeBron was able to turn on the jets just in time to avoid another completely unnecessary loss. These are the types of games you don't lose if you want to have home court throughout the playoffs. As we saw last season, home court is not a cure all, but it certainly is something to strive for.

The most important thing to be looking for over the course of this season is progress. I think the team as a whole is aware of this.

Project J.J.

It is sometimes difficult to tell how much of J.J.'s recent surge is simply due to increased minutes, and a significant effort by LeBron and Co. to produce high percentage scoring opportunities for him. While I think our 21 year old prodigy's numbers of late may be slightly skewed by those factors, it is clear that J.J. Hickson has some serious tools to be working with.

Things are feeling fairly chipper in Cavs-land lately. The Celtics, Magic, and Lakers all took one (or two) on the chin this week, and the Cavs are right back at the top of the league record-wise. The Cleveland offense is clicking.

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  1. I hope you keep up your league pass, because this is maybe the best Cavs recap blog I've seen. I don't see contact info anywhere around here, but it's for me-nothing approaching a promise or offer, but let's get in touch.

    -John Krolik

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