Thursday, November 19, 2009

Early Trade Deadline Fodder

From time to time, I suppose it can't hurt to look ahead. (especially during the off day after a loss.)

Danny Ferry, pictured here in what appears to be a dream

For a while I've been telling my dad that at some point over the course of this season, the Cavs would need to find a way to add one more franchise piece (an all-star slash borderline all-star, aged 22-28, preferably 6-10 or above.) And my dad usually responds with the logical question: "who?" To which I respond with the logical answer: "Chris Paul."

The Cavs will have some chips, but who will actually be in play? I'm working on a system (if the definition for system meant 'list') to determine just that. I present the return of the semi-official, Oh my gosh, could he possibly be available at the trade deadline? list. When we last left the OMGCHPBAATTD list, it included three names (and no name shall make the list unless said player is determined to benefit the long term health of the franchise). It was structured with the highest reward/lowest probability guys at the top.

OMGCHPBAATTD list, version 1.0

Chris Bosh
Josh Smith
Rudy Gay

Now, in the second installment of 'Trade Deadline Fodder', I present to you the slightly more flushed out, but no more deluded...

OMGCHPBAATTD list, version 2.0

Chris Paul
Chris Bosh
Josh Smith
Andre Iguodala
Rudy Gay
David West
Emeka Okafor

What are the chances any of the these happen? Well, I must say that last year's failure to deal Wally Szczerbiak's substantial expiring contract for anything of substance has left me humbled. Therefore, let the baseline for trade season be set at Emeka Okafor. Should the probability meter (not yet pictured) find its way up to Rudy Gay, I'd be ecstatic.

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