Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Free Agency 2010 (Spotlight on...Chris Bosh)

I absolutely love the sport of basketball. I adore it, and thus, I can never stop watching. But that said...what the hell is going on here? Chris Bosh woke up this morning and actually typed the following into a computer.

Seriously Chris, I'm glad you enjoyed your belgian waffles, but I'm at my breaking point. It happened somewhere between "belgian" and "stupendous!" How old are these people? This isn't free agency, this is flaunting and preening. And had Chris Bosh ended up in Cleveland with LeBron, I still would've had a problem with that.

On a lighter note, I was an absolute nerd/beta-male in high school, and if Chris Bosh had been in my grade I'm almost positive I would have been able to beat him up.

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